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After years of making and playing traditional cajons and other types of conventional wooden hand percussion instruments, I became dissatisfied with the one dimensional and limited variations of tone and timber of the sound I was able to extract from the instruments. The "rattly box" cajon drum just wasn't working for me any more. With experimentation and a lot of trial and error I was able to discover different materials and methods of construction that allowed greater variation of sounds that can be produced with my drums . Every time I make a new drum, I incorporate what I've learned from the last variation I've implemented. They just keep getting better and better!! 

Variety of Musical Percussion Instruments


Many of the innovations come about from the needs of the musician. Such as, sitting on a cajon for hours can be uncomfortable, therefore, out of necessity, the BigT LapDrum came about. With it you can sit in a comfortable chair for extended performances with your multi-tonal instrument right there on your lap. 

The ChestThumper came about because it can be difficult to sing while sitting and hunching over to play between your legs on a box-style cajon. This great-sounding instrument hangs on your chest, with a regular guitar strap, so you can stand and sing into a microphone and the sound from the drum is directed up toward the mic!

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The BigT LapDrum:


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